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Reach Business Objectives by Focusing on the Right Things

Advisory for Startups, Scaleups and
Companies to Create Strategies and
Teams Ready to Navigate Change 
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Join companies reaching their potential through clarity and focus

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Driving Results Through Clear Direction

A clear direction is essential in achieving goals by providing a shared purpose that aligns and energises the team. It informs decisions, streamlines team dynamics, and ultimately elevates the quality of results. It's the foundation which allows you to turn your vision into successful outcomes.

Services and Support

Working alongside C-level leaders and their teams as an Embedded Partner with regular touch points to bring about changes and improvements to build truly remarkable companies

Navigate Change Effectively

​Master the art of adaptability and learn practical strategies to effectively manage change and risk in times of uncertainty

Clarify Strategic Priorities

Define direction and prioritise efforts to streamline decision-making and enhance organisational focus

Build Cohesive Teams

Build teams on genuine trust without bull$#!t and fake harmony by resolving factors impacting high performance 

Taking the API Approach


Strategising and aligning your

executive leadership team on

your business objectives so you know the direction and what steps to take next.

  • Where are we going?

  • What is our strategy and top objectives?

  • What's blocking us?


Identifying and planning the

shifts that need to take place to resolve team challenges and

power your results.

  • What needs to be addressed?

  • What tools are needed?

  • What processes and structures need adjusting?

  • What behaviours need to change?


Implementing solutions to

optimise ways of working and


  • Team agreements

  • Breaking down silos

  • Fixing communication

  • Using feedback to drive performance

  • Turning conflict into growth

  • Maximising meeting impact

Lech challenges conventional thought while ensuring that the focus of any conversation is still on the betterment of the employee experience. He knows his audience and he knows how to tailor-make insights (in engagement, L&D, performance, culture, and more) custom for each person.

Nick Jesteadt
Senior Director, Workforce Analytcis @ PowerSchool


Creating alignment and high-performing teams requires regular work. Culture micro-practices are targeted, small-scale activities or frameworks designed to develop new behaviours and ways of working and improve ways of working.

Discover how they help your teams work together in more authentic and aligned ways.
'we got this' podcast explores the essential elements of creating a thriving company.
Through engaging conversations with business leaders and innovators, it uncover insights into finding the right balance of people, strategy, execution, and processes.
It is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs, leaders, and anyone interested in building and running exceptional businesses.


Why design work culture?

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