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I'm Lech and I'm an idealist. I believe people with all their strengths, weaknesses and quirks are the most important asset of an organisation.

My work focuses on cultural transformation and change management to improve ways of working, team collaboration and trust.


I am a facilitator, educator and project manager with extensive experience in IT, medical, health and well-being sectors at companies such as Jolt.io, Lingo Live, Facebook and Guerbet Laboratories. As a generalist by nature, I excel at seeing how people and processes fit together.


Lech Guzowski

workplace culture designer | workshop facilitator | idealist | human

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I develop workplace cultures in which teams work together better. Whether you want to design a new or evolve your existing culture, need help with a workshop or 1:1 advice, I've got your back! To know more, request a consultation through this form:

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