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Get the word out about your product to a community of engaged and forward thinking listeners.

What are the options?

30 second ad in the middle of the show and a written description that appears in the show notes of every podcast episode you sponsor.


£100 per episode

£175 per 2 episodes

£450 per 6 episodes


Your product or service must fit the topics and, most importantly, values of the show

You must provide text for Lech to read (subject to alterations)

Podcast details

We Got This comes out twice per month (every other Tuesday). 

Download numbers and audience demographics are available on request

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Lech Guzowski

workplace culture designer | workshop facilitator | idealist | human

I believe we can build better organisations. Ones were people with all their strengths, weaknesses and quirks can be themselves, work effectively and realise their potential.

My work focuses on helping leaders in cultural transformations and change management to improve ways of working, team collaboration and trust.

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