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  • Lech Guzowski

Without having a goal it's difficult to score

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

I've been pondering Paul Arden's words recently in relation to how we build our organisations.

Most modern companies are judged based on their ability to hit financial targets. Of course, they set other goals around customer satisfaction, growth, development but sales remains the key driver.

Maximising revenue as the main goal is a short-term strategy that has its side effects - compromising on values and ethics, cutting corners, employees burning out in the pursuit of hitting that arbitrarily set target.

Let's get one thing straight money is the lifeblood of an organisation. Without it, there is no organisation to speak of.

What if we made adding value or looking after our people the main goal? It's a better strategy for the long term with a side effect of increased and more stable revenue. The ends justifying the means takes on a whole new meaning.

Goals are important and thankfully we get to choose them. Let's make the, have positive consequences.


During a recent conversation with Elin Almroth from Visiba Care, Elin shared an equation: right culture + engagement = revenue. It's an interesting way to frame it also helpful in understanding how HR can become a strategic partner in creating revenue. 

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