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IDOARRT Effective Meetings

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Simple tool from the lovely and creative folks at Hyper Island to help you lead effective meeting or group process by setting a clear purpose, structure, and goals at the very beginning.

Step 1

Before the meeting outline all the IDOARRT elements:

Intention – What is the intention, or purpose, of the meeting? In other words, why have it

Desired Outcome(s) – What specific outcomes should be achieved by the end of the meeting?

Agenda – What activities will the group go through, in what order, to move toward the desired outcome?

Roles – What roles or responsibilities need to be in place for the meeting to run smoothly? Who is facilitating, and who is participating? Who is documenting, and who is keeping track of the time? What do you expect of the participants?

Rules – What guidelines will be in place during the meeting? These could relate to agreed group norms. They could also relate to the use of other apps, or practical rules related to learning space. Let the participants add rules to ensure that they have ownership of them.

Time – What is the expected time for the meeting, including breaks, and at what time will the meeting end?

Step 2

At the start of the meeting go through each point. You can ask participants to ask questions or make suggestions. Start the meeting when everyone is happy

Try the IDOARRT Miro template



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