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  • Lech Guzowski

Coaching support matrix

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Our teams are made up of individuals all of whom bring something different to the table. It is our job as leaders to get the best out of them. The amount of support they will require will be individual for each team member.

Here is a simple framework you use as guidance and adapt your management style. If you look at the members of your team through a lens of enthusiasm and experience/skill, they are likely to fall into one of the following categories:

instruct - they have the enthusiasm but not the know-how, you will need to support and guide them so they know what to do; you can do it yourself or surround them with more experienced team members

supervise - usually those new to the role or team; will need most of your attention and short tasks to build their confidence, experience, and increase enthusiasm

motivate - team members in this category will need direction and structure to avoid the 'it's not my problem' mindset; finding out their motivators will help you move them into the trust category

trust - these are your rockstars, ones you can rely on; they are likely to want to be left to their own devices, make sure to give them challenging tasks to keep their engagement.


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