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Map, visualise, and align culture and strategy to improve teamwork and business performance. Create a culture for meaningful growth and thrive in the marketplace.

Culture Is No Longer a 'Good To Have'


Gone are the days when company culture was just a nice bonus. Today, culture is a crucial part of your brand identity, reflecting what your company stands for and how everyone works together.


Alignment between business strategy and culture is crucial for success. No matter how great your strategy is, if your culture does not support it, it will fall flat on its a**.


Top management can no longer just focus on strategy and leave culture to HR or middle managers. Culture is a team sport and everyone must be involved in the process of designing and fostering a culture that supports your business strategy.

Design Your Ideal Culture - Workshop Overview

Mapping out your culture provides valuable insight to guide your next steps, and intentionally shaping it helps your teams do their best work and turn it into your competitive advantage.

Why? Understanding your current culture is the first step in shaping it into a competitive advantage. You want to uncover how people in the organisation (not just the CEO and/or HR) feel and think about the culture and what makes you unique.

What? This culture mapping workshop captures the current state of your culture, identifies areas for improvement, and outlines the desired culture

How? We will organise culture mapping sessions with different stakeholders focused on the cultural building blocks.

Result - A Culture Book uniquely representing your business, teams and their needs. It will simplify recruitment, onboarding, training, strategy development, and decision-making processes

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Benefits of the Culture Design Workshop

  • Explore all culture building blocks  - purpose, values, strategic priorities, feelings and motions, behaviours, leadership, psychological safety, decision-making, communication, feedback, and conflict

  • Understand the current state of your workplace culture - identify areas that are working well and those that need improvement

  • Clearer vision of your ideal culture - define and understand what your ideal culture would look like

  • Improve recruitment - attract the right fit candidates and bridge the gap between existing and new staff

  • Better onboarding - familiarise new employees with the organisation’s culture

How does it work?

1. Schedule a free discovery call

2. We scope out and plan the workshop

3. Run the Culture Design Workshop and create your Culture Book


Lech Guzowski

workplace culture facilitator | leadership and mindset coach | human

I rebel against traditional approaches to organisational culture. I’m a cultural square peg in a round hole, if you will. I believe in creating a culture that goes beyond just fitting in, but one that truly stands out.


I don't just capture your existing culture, I help you visualise and design the culture of your dreams, and craft initiatives that bring it to life.

As a leadership coach, I don't just skim the surface, I dive deep into the complexities of self-awareness to unleash the full potential of individuals.

I’m proud to be a square peg. And so should you.

Companies I worked with

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