Remote working

done better

Whether your organisation is considering moving to remote working or already has some remote teams, there is more to consider than meets the eye. Your company culture, practices and approaches will need to evolve to meet the new way of working. Below are a few ways we can support you if you want your people to be efficient, happy and continue coming up with great big ideas. 



Working with the management and leadership team to develop a remote working strategy suitable for your organisation. We will analyse your current challenges to identify processes, tactics and tools which need to be put in place to create an environment for your people to be happy, productive and able to do their best work.


Systems and tools are one thing, but it is even more important to give your people clear leadership and direction to ensure they feel supported and looked after. Discover the mindsets, tools, and skills needed to lead during uncertain times all of which you will be able to apply immediately. 


Designed to help leaders and managers change their perspective of leadership and its role in modern organisations. I will work with you on asking the right questions, looking at things from a different angle,  developing your problem-solving techniques, and increasing your self-awareness. All while considering fulfilment and staying true to your values. 



Design a remote culture that fits the values of your organisation. Learn how to build environments which allow your people to bring all that they are to work. We will focus on addressing your team's tensions and barriers. You'll learn how to rethink meetings, collaboration, rules and norms, solve trust issues (distance only makes things worse), and create rituals to regain rhythm and productivity.