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I am on a mission to change the way we deliver presentations. Develop your presentation skills and discover techniques and structures behind truly great presentations your audience walk away from changed and motivated.

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5th Oct

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Why presentation skills are important?

You need good presentation skills to present your ideas, strategies, and products to your audience effectively. 

This workshop will give you fundamental, concrete and practical methods you can apply to the presentation you're working on right now. 

You will find out how to deliver engaging presentations that look beautiful and help you stand out both offline and online.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify your key messages for maximum clarity and impact

  • Create a clear and well-organized outline

  • Better understand and tailor your presentation to your audience 

  • Deliver powerful presentations that audiences remember and act on

  • Craft a presentation that is engaging, to the point, and good-looking to boot whether you're using Google Slides, PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote or Canva

  • Look, sound and feel confident - as if you have been presenting for years even if this is your first time

Who is this for?

This workshop is perfect for:

  • beginners wanting to learn the fundamentals and seasoned pros looking for a new structured approach to creating presentations

  • entrepreneurs, professionals, marketers, content strategists, and everyone who needs to hook, persuade, and resonate with an audience

  • public speakers, trainers, and people who want to give presentations that mesmerise audiences

  • anyone who likes their audience and doesn't want to bore them to death

Workshop content

  • Defining the purpose of your presentation

  • Identifying your key messages maximum clarity and impact

  • Understanding your audience and how to convey your message effectively

  • Tell them what you'll tell them, tell them and then tell them what you've told them aka good presentation 

  • Keeping your audience engaged

  • Most common mistakes and problems that destroy a presentation

What's included?

  • 3h virtual session

  • Highly hands on and practical 

  • Small group activities

  • Delivered via Zoom

  • Certificate on completion


Dedicated workshop for up to 12 of your people



Culture and Leadership Services

Lech Guzowski

workplace culture designer | workshop facilitator | idealist | human

I believe we can build better organisations. Ones were people with all their strengths, weaknesses and quirks can be themselves, work effectively and realise their potential.

My work focuses on helping leaders in cultural transformations and change management to improve ways of working, team collaboration and trust.

More workshops?

New dates, other workshops, tools and resources, I share all this good stuff 3-4 times a month. Pop your details below to receive it.

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