Join the tribe

I believe we can build better organisations.

For decades we've been building organisations where numbers come first and performance comes before people. Although money is important as it provides the fuel for the organisation to run, many of the business practices we use were created in and for different times.

We need a mindset shift to one where organisations realise their potential through realising human potential. People-focused companies dramatically outperform numbers-focused companies over the long-term because their employees are more engaged and offer more discretionary effort along with their big ideas. 

My mission is to make people focused organisations the norm rather than the exception.

I would love for you to join me.


How can you change things?

Whether you're an individual contributor, team leader, senior manager or owner, you can be a change agent by:

  • changing your leadership style and assuming people are self-motivated and want to great work

  • creating a psychologically safe space for people to speak openly

  • encouraging transparency and building trust

  • having tough conversations with your people and yourself

  • figuring out what the challenges are and addressing them

  • looking for tools and resources to facilitate the process

How can the tribe help?

Being part of the tribe is FREE and gives you access to tools, knowledge, resources and a community of people who are or may have gone through whatever you are going through now.

Currently available resources:

  • we got this podcast - showcasing companies and individuals who put people first

  • DIY workshops - 45-60min self-led workshops you can do with your team

  • Tribe letter - weekly answering common questions, sharing best practices, tools and resources

Coming soon:

  • Facebook group (Q3 2021) - for the tribe members to engage, share and support each other

  • Live summits and Q&As - those who have been there and done it sharing their stories and answering questions

  • Clubhouse room - live interaction and discussion