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Session for companies focused on capturing, visualising and evolving the way things are done at your organisation. We use the Culture Design Blueprint to bring everything together and create a strong foundation for company culture becoming your ultimate competitive advantage and your teams doing their best work.

Culture Design Blueprint by Lech Guzowsk

What ways can it be used?

Although deceptively simple, the Blueprint packs a lot of oomph! It has been created with flexibility in mind to allow a broad range of applications. Here are the core ways it can be used:

visualise the current culture on one page, identify gaps and areas for improvement

an ideation tool if your organisation does not have a well-defined culture

taking your current culture to the next level by exploring what does and doesn’t work

Capturing your existing culture

Designing your desired culture

Evolving your culture

get the right fit candidates and bridge the gap between ’old’ and ’new’ staff 

familiarise new employees with the organisation’s culture

identify clashes and bring cultures together following a merger



Mergers and acquisitions

What does a session look like?

It is essentially a 5-hour facilitated virtual workshop. First we go over what company culture means, why it's important and what good looks like. Then we deep dive into each element of the Blueprint:

Organizational Culture Theories And Models
  • Purpose - why is the team doing what it's doing

  • Values - list of fundamental beliefs guiding the team

  • Priorities - establishing key priorities of what the team wants to achieve

  • Psychological safety - agreeing how team members feel safe to take risks and speak their minds

  • Feedback - agreeing on how to give feedback and keeping open dialogue

  • People and roles - defining key roles and responsibilities in the team and how they need to evolve

  • Meetings - defining what a productive meeting looks like

  • Tools - identifying tools needed for the team to be able to their job

  • Rules and activities - list of expected behaviours and rituals to be introduced or cultivated

What is the exact outcome?

I would love to tell you that after the session the job will be done and you will have an amazing company culture. In reality, it's only the beginning but now you have a great foundation to build on. You will leave the workshop knowing what to do next and armed with a list of actionable deliverables to implement and test

company culture consultant

What happens after a session?

Now that you have everything on one page (literally) you get to implement the actions and key priorities we have established during the session. You can either do that on your own or we can continue working on it together as part of the Culture Design Programme.

Start designing your culture

Map your existing culture or create a new one with a facilitated co-creation session:

  • 5 hour virtual session

  • Design thinking approach

  • Highly hands-on and practical

  • Bespoke deliverables

  • Delivered via Zoom

  • Utilising Mural visual collaboration tool

Companies I worked with

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I develop workplace cultures in which people feel looked after and safe so that they can bring the best versions of themselves. Whether you want to design a new or evolve your existing culture, need help with a workshop or 1:1 advice, I've got your back! To know more, request a consultation through this form:

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