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Improve your company culture:
small changes, big impact 

Going to the gym once a month for 8h won’t get you into shape. BUT working out every day for 20 minutes will. Creating great culture is the same, it requires regular work.


Shape your employees' experience with culture micro-practices and help them develop

new behaviours and ways of working.


In your inbox every other Monday.

Changes start with small steps

Culture micro-practices are small, quirky, and often unconventional ideas that will get your creative juices flowing and inspire new behaviours. They're all about promoting psychological safety, collaboration, employee experience, and engagement.


Think of a "What did you do for you today?" auto-question in your company's Slack to remind your team to prioritise self-care. Or removing all the chairs from the meeting room to make meetings shorter and more efficient.

These small tweaks, when consistently implemented, can have a massive impact on your company culture. They'll help your teams work together in more authentic and aligned ways.

Create a company that you'd be proud for your kids to work in.


Check out more micro-practices, Miro workshop templates and my company culture and leadership podcast.

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