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Training workshop for individuals to learn how to facilitate workplace culture transformations using the Culture Design Blueprint. Build a strong foundation for company culture to become your organisation's ultimate competitive advantage 

Culture Design Blueprint by Lech Guzowsk

The Culture Design Blueprint is a flexible tool to capture, visualise and evolve the way things are done at your organisation.


Join this workshop to discover its potential for designing or evolving your culture, as well as transforming recruitment, onboarding or even merges or acquisitions.

You will get all the tools, skills, templates, and resources to facilitate a workshop using the Blueprint at your organisation.

Culture Design Blueprint

Workshop overview

Who should attend?

This workshop is ideal for team leaders, heads of departments, C-level, founders and consultants - anyone who cares about company culture and building better workplaces.

All are welcome, regardless of industry or workshop facilitation experience. 

You will learn how to:

  • Facilitate a workshop using the Culture Design Blueprint

  • Map exiting workplace cultures

  • Uncover growth areas, generate clear actions and priorities

  • Identify and address internal tensions

  • Turn organisational culture into a competitive advantage

  • Hands-on  - you will be in the driver's seat learning the Blueprint working through each of its elements

  • Feedback - it being a live small group workshop allows me to provide specific feedback and answer any questions

  • Online - the workshop is facilitated using Zoom and Mural so you can attend from anywhere

  • Safe space - best learnings come from experimentation, you will be encouraged to try, fail, try again, fail better

  • Network - participants are from companies all over the world, you will get a chance to exchange notes and learn how things are done in other countries

  • Resources - you will have access to all the tools, exercises, templates to use after the workshop


Reserve your seat

The next workshop is TBC. Price per seat starts from £250.

Pop your details below and be the first to know so that you can learn how to use the Blueprint to help you design or evolve your company culture. You will leave the workshop armed with the tools, resources and knowledge of what to do next.

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Lech Guzowski

workplace culture designer | workshop facilitator | idealist | human

I believe we can build better organisations. Ones were people with all their strengths, weaknesses and quirks can be themselves, work effectively and realise their potential.

My work focuses on helping leaders in cultural transformations and change management to improve ways of working, team collaboration and trust.

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