Culture Design Blueprint.png

What is the Blueprint?

It is a tool for capturing, visualising, designing and evolving the way things are done at your organisation aka your company culture.

The blueprint brings everything together to create a strong foundation for designing the desired culture in a simple yet powerful one page format.

How is the Blueprint used?

The blueprint has been designed with three use cases in mind:

Capturing your existing culture - visualise the current culture on one page, identify gaps and areas for improvement

Designing your desired culture - an ideation tool if your organisation does not have a well-defined culture

Evolving your culture - taking your current culture to the next level by exploring what does and doesn’t work

It is also useful for:

Mergers and acquisitions - identify clashes and bring cultures together following a merger


  • Old vs new - bridge the gap between ’traditionalists’ and ’newcomers’ 

  • Hiring - get the right fit candidates and set their expectations right

  • Onboarding - familiarise new employees with the organisation’s culture

What will you achieve?

  • Drive alignment by affirming what the organisation stands for

  • Generate actionable deliverables to implement and test

  • Create clarity for decision making

  • Identify organisational blindspots in perception between seniority levels

  • Design cultures reflective of local country culture in international companies

What are the different elements of the Blueprint?

  • Purpose - why is the team doing what it's doing

  • Values - list of fundamental beliefs guiding the team

  • Priorities - establishing key priorities of what the team wants to achieve; it will guide focus and energy; vital part in facilitating decision-making

  • Psychological safety - discussing how speaking up and participation will be encouraged so that team members feel safe to take risks and be vulnerable in front of each other

  • Feedback - agreeing on how to give feedback and keeping open dialogue

  • People and roles - defining key roles and responsibilities in the team and how they need to evolve

  • Meetings - defining what a productive meeting looks like i.e. structure, duration, purpose, cadence

  • Tools - identifying tools needed for the team to continue to be able to their job/evaluating existing tools 

  • Rules and activities - list of rules and activities which need to be introduced as result of the session e.g. how does the team communicate and make decisions; team rituals and ceremonies

Design your culture

Map your existing culture or create a new one with a facilitated co-creation session:

  • 6 hour virtual session

  • Design thinking approach

  • Highly hands-on and practical

  • Bespoke deliverables

  • Delivered via Zoom

  • Utilising Mural visual collaboration tool


£3000 (up to 8 participants)

£5000 (8+ participants)