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Make company culture 
your secret weapon

I help small and medium-sized organisations identify, understand and overcome team performance challenges to improve employee experience and business performance.

Culture Design

capture the key elements of your culture - purpose, values, how you create psychological safety, give feedback, communicate and make decisions - create practices to bring your dream culture to life

Leadership Programmes

multi-module programmes focused on human skills to help employees grow and align around the envisioned culture

(works best if created after the Culture Design session)

Workshop Facilitation

design and facilitation of customised workshops to identify challenges, improve business practices and ways of working



develop a deep self-awareness of how mindset, beliefs, and values shape decisions and leadership style

Companies I worked with

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Realise their potential

Our organisations should not be places were people have to hide. Places where they spend time and energy covering their weaknesses, limitations and uncertainties. This 'second job' is the single most wasted resource organisations suffer. Every. Day.

Instead we should build organisations with strong company cultures in which people feel safe and looked after so that they can bring the best versions of themselves.


It is about realising organisational potential by realising human potential.

Design your culture

A strong company culture is the bedrock of a successful organisation. It makes it more resilient and nimble at adapting to change in uncertain times.

The aim is to create a culture where teams collaborate effectively, people are engaged, offer more discretionary effort and their big ideas. 

I facilitate Design Thinking based sessions which will allow you to uncover gaps, growth areas, and generate clear actions and priorities.

Find out more about the Culture Design Session.

What it will achieve:

  • Create a culture conducive to open communication, collaboration and trust

  • Drive alignment by affirming the company's purpose

  • Improve accountability, delegation, and error detection

  • Reduce employee downtime and resource mismanagement

  • Create clarity for decision making


Lech Guzowski

workplace culture facilitator | leadership and mindset coach | human

I rebel against traditional approaches to organisational culture. I’m a cultural square peg in a round hole, if you will. I believe in creating a culture that goes beyond just fitting in, but one that truly stands out.


I don't just capture your existing culture, I help you visualise and design the culture of your dreams, and craft initiatives that bring it to life.

As a leadership coach, I don't just skim the surface, I dive deep into the complexities of self-awareness to unleash the full potential of individuals.

I’m proud to be a square peg. And so should you.

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I develop workplace cultures in which teams work together better. Whether you want to design a new or evolve your existing culture, need help with a workshop or 1:1 advice, I've got your back! To know more, request a consultation through this form:


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