I am on a mission for people never again having to hear or utter "this meeting should have been an email". Discover how to run productive meetings where participants are engaged, communicate openly, leave feeling connected and inspired.

The challenge with meetings

We will go to great lengths to avoid meetings. Instead of keeping us on the edge of our seats excited that we get to make decisions to propel our projects forward, we feel they are a waste of time and resources. It's not meetings per se that are the culprit. The problem is bad meetings. 


Ineffective, conveying information that is already known, not starting/finishing on time, and no clear conclusion or next steps. Worst of all, meetings with no agenda and clear purpose.

This workshop will help you address all of these challenges by giving you tools and techniques you can apply right away. 


Rather than striving for fewer meetings we should focus on being smarter about when meetings are really needed and how to conduct them effectively so that they are worthwhile.

You will leave with:

Basics of meeting preparation and design, including thinking through objectives, roles, tool selection, preparation, and examples of what Good looks like. 

You will know how to:

  • build connection, trust and collaboration among participants

  • facilitate for different styles of learning

  • turn meetings into effective decision making events

  • engage your team's creative power

Who is this for?

This workshop is ideal for team leaders and managers regularly organising meetings or anyone who wants to make their meetings more engaging and productive. If you are looking to break old habits and truly transform the way you design and run meetings, this will be up your street.

Never again death by PowerPoint


(inc taxes)

  • 3 hour virtual session

  • Small group activities

  • Certificate on completion

  • 60/40 practical and theory

  • Highly hands-on

  • Delivered via Zoom

  • Utilising Mural visual collaboration tool

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